Testimony writing

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This is just a tool. Not a biblical requirement. It can help (new) believers to describe their faith story. It may be helpful during evangelism or a public baptism, etc.
Write your personal faith story in English along the guide lines below. When you are finished and have discussed it with your Bible teacher, translate it into your native language. Make a table with two columns for both English and your native language as indicated below. Write your first name and the date and year on the document. Use that document for telling your personal faith story to others and for your own memorization.
Date: dd/mm/yyyy
EnglishMy native language
  • Where and how was I raised (culturally, socially, spiritually, and politically)
  • What was my perception of life and death?
  • What did I know about Christianity?
Conversion process
  • What made me decide to investigate the Bible, the God of the Bible, and Christianity? When and where was that?
  • What convinced me that the God of the Bible is real and how did it happen that I accepted the Bible as God’s true Word?
  • Which role had Jesus in this? Bible verses?
  • What means sin to me? Do I need forgiveness of my sins and why? How do I confess my sins? What are the Bible verses that helped me understand?
  • What is repentance to me? Do I want to change direction and how? Who is the owner of my life? Which Bible verses are leading in that process?
  • Why do I want or not (yet) want to get baptized? Mention Bible verses if applicable.
My new status, world view, and expectations
  • Who is Jesus for me? Give Bible verses.
  • Who is the Holy Spirit and where is He in my life?
  • What is my new role in relationships? Think about family, friends, intimacy (dating/marriage), church, society (world view), etc.
  • What is my destiny in eternity? Bible verses.
  • For what am I grateful to God?