The last reformation

The Last Reformation is a movement, founded by Torben Søndergaard in Denmark in 2011, with a core message of returning the church to the “true gospel” and the practices found in the book of Acts. The Last Reformation offers discipleship training through its Pioneer Training School and Pioneer Leadership School, also in The Netherlands.

. . . . The Last Reformation makes a big mistake in taking narrative as command—the book of Acts narrates a time when believers spoke in tongues, but it never commands all believers to speak in tongues. Also, the Last Reformation chooses to ignore the transitional nature of Acts and takes the events in Acts as normative for all believers in all ages. . . .

Due to its emphasis on healings and tongues, its teaching of baptismal regeneration, its rejection of church leadership, and its seeking after new revelations, the Last Reformation movement is not biblical. Read an analysis.
My personal conviction that The Last Reformation is not biblical is also based on the content of the following book: The Last Reformation and Torben Søndergaard's False Teachings Exposed by Jim Johnson.