Preterism in the Netherlands

There is a group of people who are preterists, who promote preterism. They hold conferences, called Open Hemel Eindtijd (Open heaven end time) of Eindtijd Reformatie (End time reformation). Leading people are Andre Wolthuis, Jeroen Koornstra, Anne Salomons, and Arjen Hoftijzer.

Andre Wolthuis
Andre Wolthuis received his preterist vision during a one-year preterist bible school in South Africa ( In the (Dutch speaking) video below Andre Wolthuis praises the book Hosting the Presence: Unveiling Heaven's Agenda written by Bill Johnson, a Kingdom Now heretic preacher of controversial Bethel Church in Redding, California. He also praises controversial preachers as Randy Clark (Toronto Blessing) and Kris Valloton (book Heavy Rain). Wolthuis believes in self-fulfilling prophecy; see second video below. Wolthuis' mission is called Apostolic Media Platform, as he calls it in the second video below. The style of it looks like the New Apostolic Reformation heresy. Wolthuis is publisher-owner of Arrowz in Haarlem. The books he publishes are not books  I would recommend.
David Sorensen
He is a Belgian, active in The Netherlands. He is the man behind the Dutch website and the English version He promotes the preterist theology.