Israel invasions and wars


Many authors interpret the prophecies related to these invasions and wars.
  1. Psalm 83, written by Asaph. Many scholars say that this prophecy has partly been fulfilled in the last 70+ years after the wars against Israel since its founding in 1948 by neighboring Arab countries, in which Israel has successful defeated them. So, I think Psalm 83 is not predicting any future war.
  2. The Ezekiel war in Ezekiel 38 and 39, led by Russia in alliance with Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Sudan, attacking Israel from the north. The war can begin any moment, probably right before or during the beginning of the 7-year (great) tribulation. The prophecies say that God will fight for Israel and destroy the armies of all attacking powers.
  3. The Armageddon war described in Revelation 16:16 at the end of the Tribulation, right before the second coming of Jesus. Jesus will judge all the nations and end this war. Probably the destruction of Damascus will take place (Isaiah 17:1). Then Jesus ushers in the Millennial Kingdom on the earth.
  4. The Gog and Magog war (Revelation 20:8) will happen at the end of the Millennial Kingdom in which Jesus reigns, right before the Great White Throne Judgment. The kings of the earth will all be loyal to the (for a short time released) Satan in their final attack on Israel.