Christian Palestinianism

Initiator of this false doctrine is British pastor Stephen Sizer (website). He sees Christians who love Israel and cleave to God's plan through Israel, as Christian Zionists. Sizer is so upset about Zionism that he came up with the opposite which is Christian Palestinianism. See below one of his speeches. Notice that he thinks that God's promises given to Abraham were to be obsolete after Abraham's death. However, God's covenants with Abraham and David are fulfilled by Jesus, but not broken! How could God continue to lead the Jews through the coming tribulation appointing 144.000 Jewish evangelists and even Moses and Elijah as witnesses?
Several Bible scholars warn against this false Gospel. Most prominent are Dr Paul Wilkinson of the UK and Dr Andy Woods from TX (USA).
Listen to 'Israel Betrayed', a presentation by Dr Paul Wilkinson
Listen also to Jack Hibbs interviewing Dr. Paul Wilkinson - The Church of the End Times & Christian Palestinianism.
And listen to Dr Andy Woods in Pastor's Point of View about Christian Palestinianism in the video, minutes 10:40 – 16:30