Bible study series

For seekers
  • God's big picture; a Bible Overview Course. Audience: seekers. Materials for each unit: a 10-minute teaching video and a one-hour Bible study. Length 9 weeks, weekly a 2-hour session. On-line using Zoom or in-person meetings.
  • Gospel of Luke Course. Audience: seekers. Materials: video's and discussion PowerPoints. Length: 12 weeks, 12 sessions of 2 hours.
  • The Hope; a basic course on the Bible and Christianity. Audience: seekers. Materials: DVD's in English and Chinese, on-line videos, study worksheets. Length: 10 weeks; 10 sessions of 2 hours.
  • God's Story. Audience: seekers. Materials: a 77-minute introduction video and 32 topical studies, using a mobile app. The app gives access to 5 languages: English, Chinese, Dari (Afghanistan), Farsi (Iran), and Nepali. Length: 17 weeks if 2 topics are studied in one session.

For young Christians
  • Christianity Explored; a series on the Gospel of Mark. Audience: young Christians. Materials: video-teaching and worksheets. Length: 10 weeks; 10 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Foundations Course. Audience: young Christians. Materials: video-teaching and worksheets. Length: 12 weeks; 12 sessions of 2 hours plus a Saturday.

For mature Christians
  • The Grace Coursea discipleship course focused of the grace of God. Audience: mature Christians. Materials: video-teaching, study worksheets for group discussion. Length: half year; 24 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Freed to Lead Course. Audience: mature Christians. Materials: video's and worksheets. Length: 11 weeks; 11 sessions of 2 hours.

For special groups
  • The Chinese Alpha Course. Audience: People speaking/understanding Mandarin Chinese, such as students from China, Taiwan, Singapore. Materials: Chinese video-teaching plus English transcript. Worksheets. Length: 15 weeks; 15 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Fireproof Marriage Course. Audience: dating couples, married couples who want to refresh their marriage, singles who want to obtain a Biblical view on marriage. Materials: the 2-hour movie Fireproof and study worksheets for personal study and group discussions. Length: 7 weeks; 7 sessions of 2.5 hours.
  • Preparation for baptism. Audience: believers who have a desire to get baptized. Length: 2 or 3 evenings of 2 hours.