Ed's favorite apps


  • Youversion/Bible.com
  • Gotquestions
  • Behold Israel (Amir Tsarfati) on Telegram
  • Moodymedia.org (Erwin Lutzer)
  • JDFarag.org (JD Farag)
  • Prophecy Watchers TV (Gary Stearman)
  • RealLife (Jack Hibbs) app and on Apple podcasts
  • Harvest (Greg Lauri) on Apple podcasts
  • Get a Life (Billy Crone)
  • Worldview Weekend (Brannon Howse)
  • Rumble (Andy Woods)
  • SermonAudio.com (Brandon Holthaus)
  • Olive Tree Ministries (Jan Markell) on Rumble and on Telegram and on Apple podcasts
  • The Truth about God Youtube channel (Barry Stagner) and on Telegram
  • Janet Mefferd postcasts
  • TheHighwire.com with Del Bigtree
  • Standup for the Truth with David Fiorazo on Apple Podcasts
  • SearchLight with Jon Courson on Apple podcasts

related to American politics:
Charlie Kirk Show Podcast Apple Google
Stand up for the Truth - David Fiorazzo Apple Google
Conversations that matter - Alex Newman Apple Google
Tucker Carlson website and on Rumble